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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pasadena Joe's Eco Explorers Club

Hey Buddies!

Pasadena Joe has opened his Eco Explorer's Club in Tiki Island Village. Come join up and become a real explorer. Pasadena Joe has made lots of activities for you to do, like coloring sheets, paper crafts, scavenger hunts, games and e-books about your favorite animals!


Saturday, September 12, 2009


Did you know that the Jaguar is the only large cat to be native to Central and South America? Their bite is supposed to be much harsher than any other large cat as well! They have huge teeth and a big bite because they eat lots of reptiles with hard shells. WOW!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Look at this amazing female jumping spider! WOW! For more facts about jumping spiders just look at the post below. I just saw this picture and had to show you all because it is pretty cool I think.

Stay Green,




I wonder what this jumping spider is thinking... Maybe that he wishes he had a costume on EcoBuddies- lol! Let's tell Jumbles to make one, ok?

Did you know jumping spiders do not make webs to catch their prey, but run and jump after them. A spider like this will jump and bite its prey in the air- wow! These spiders can jump 20-80 times the length of their bodies!

I really like these spiders because they are soooo cool looking. They have SUCH hairy legs! These hairs help them to climb tons of different terrains. For example, some of these spiders live even on the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. Can you believe it?

Also, like the coolest thing about these spiders are that they are very curious creatures. Instead of hiding or playing dead when they see a human, they get excited and will jump toward the human and even sometimes jump on a person's hand to take a closer look. Hilarious, hey?

What are your favorite spiders?

Let me know and I will post a picture of them!

Stay Green!


Saturday, September 5, 2009


I am one of the slowest creatures on earth but if a crocodile attacks it may not kill me because of my protective amour. What am I?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Amazing Habitat Book! WOWOWOWO!

Wow! Check out this amazing habitat book!!!! Just so you know, I am something called a naturalist, which is someone who LOVES animals and nature. That is why I am always writing about these things.

You know, you all can always give me articles to post as well about nature and animals and I will publish them on here. Just so you know, OK????

All About Habitats E-Book for Kids

Awesome Book All About Food Chains!

Check out this awesome new book all about food chains! Click on the link below! WOW! I super love sea otters. Who knew they are so helpful to the ocean habitat?

All About Food Chains for Kids


Thursday, September 3, 2009

All About the Fen Raft Spider

Photo Credit:

I just happen to love spiders. Especially the Fen Raft Spider, which is a very endangered spider. These spiders live in Britain (have any EcoBuddies fans in Britain seen these spiders? Let me know!) and live on the water. You know those spiders that zoom past you when you are swimming in a river? These spiders are like that. I think these spiders are awesome because the mom fen raft spiders carry their egg sacs underneath them for a few weeks when they are about to have babies. They are quite big egg sacs and I think they must be very strong to carry them for so long. Every so often they dip the eggs sacs in the water to keep them moist. Cool hey?

Here is a trivia question for you: How long does it take for a fen raft spider to become an adult?

Does anyone know?




Hi Buddies,

Bad news! Jumbles the Clown accidentally wrote that Spiny Spiders are endangered but they are not! We want to be as fair as possible to the spiders so we are going to start over again with our vote!

We are now voting for:

Spruce Fir Moss Spider
Fen Raft Spider
Kauai Cave

Vote before the 20th of September for the spider you would like to support!



Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Snow Leopard

Hello all,
Today I bring you a new fact sheet. This one is all about snow leopards. Enjoy!
Stay Green,

Snow Leopard Fact Sheet